Wednesday, March 29, 2006

introducing Principle 5-9 and their AT's

Principle 1 to 4 did create a FORM dealing with the Purpose, the Challenge and the Service needed to enliven what has to be fulfilled.

The next principles 4-9 will use this FORM 5 times
guided by archetypical principals (AT's) which will be explained later on. However to get an idea of what happens ... some pictures may illustrate the idea of coöperating entities
(both to be clicked several times).

Picture the colours as the setting of the FORM dynamically opened by natural cause through principle 1-4 ... which at the end, following and practising : D 5 - 9 and their paired archetypical (AT1-20) principals will show up : D ynamical principles 10 - 13 ...

i'm curious too ... what this will bring up ...

glimpsing at principle 5-9

Friday, March 17, 2006

:D 4 - Self Existing priciple

action Measuring
power Define
essence Form

A table is a self-existing thing, isn't it? A flower is a self-existing thing too ...
There is a difference in the perception of being self-existing between the Table and the Flower ...
The Flower is reacting on streams of light, temperature, soil, water & maybe also on passing creature, like a peeing dog ... or a human cutting it to (strange enough) cherish the flower ...
People use a table because of a functional habit, to put a vase on it with flowers and to eat while using the table te sit at with fellow humans or to talk.
Certain properties can be mentioned to describe a self-existing thing, some properties can be standardized, others cannot be standardized.
Can people themselves be considered as a self-existing entity as a principle?

The Self-Existing principle contains the Electric principle within its divine existence calling the Magnetic principle to have a Purpose to Serve.

Again as before the other 3 principles propagate the fourth: so, the power Define unify polarization and electricity ;-)

This Day 21/3/06 writing this theme ... a glimse at a 2013Calendre tells me in a different Language :

KIN 82 - Weißer Selbstbestehender Wind

Die Geisteskräfte schaffen heute den Rahmen, damit das Neue Form

bekommen und in die Wirklichkeit gerufen werden kann.

~ Geisteskraft durchflutet und verbindet; Kommunikation wird zum Maß! ~

Why do i read this texture in a different language? Well, it suits me this way to function as an oracle, a free mind revelating "glimpse" ... thats works somehow ... as time & space.

:D 3 - Electric principle

action Bonding
power Activate
essence Service

The Electric principle is like a mystifying darkness as in a chemical, or even a biogeomental expiriment, where we have to find a way for ourselves for a little while as in a practical personalised lecture in a queest. How to serve the Queest?
Can we address our potentials? And how transform the unknown detail to known experience which can pivot ourselves to an answer? Recalling Laski's Revelations ... this may be the darkness phase to overcome ... bonding all that is ... stepping forward to the Binding Phase ...

Now the Electric principle is active, located between the White
Lunar & Yellow Self-Existing principle.

As a rule in this earthly life ... the other 3 arguments propagate the 4th: So, the power Activate cannot go wth the powers of Define, Unify and Polarize; the action Bonding cannot go with the actions of Measuring, Attracting & Stabilizing, the essence of Service cannot go without the enlivening of Form, Purpose & Challenge.

:D 2 - Lunar principle

action Stabilizing
power Polarize
essence Challenge

The Magnetic Principle awoke attention through the energetic impuls of the essence Purpose. The attention transcended the energy status to the essence of Challenge, the Lunar Principle to answer a Queest.
This way of describing the status-flux of energy reminds the 6 steps of M.Laski's Revelations: Luna tries to answer the purposequest the easiest way, which won't do the magickal thing. However it may suit lot's of those who like to comfortise ;-)

This blog intends to attract a little bit further than we got used to by our meta-formats. So we'll pass the Ratio domain into the Mystic domain of 3-Electicity ..., as i " name" and identify the galactical given principles (i will link this later ...).

this image shows this topic the White Lunar principle between the Red Magnetic & Blue Night principle.

As a rule in this earthly life ... the other 3 arguments propagate the 4th: So, the power Polarize cannot go with the powers of Activate, Define & Unify; the action Stabilizing cannot go with the actions of Bonding, Measuring & Attracting, the essence of Challenge cannot go without the enlivening of Service, Form & Purpose.

:D 1 - Magnetic principle

action Attracting
power Unify
essence Purpose

In order to Communicate with Other Beings this blog self-un-folds its meanings by first promoting its protocol, its formrules, as a template how (1) actions and their actiongroup, how (2) powers and their powergroup, how (3) essences and their essencegroup and, finally, how those (I) actiongroups, (II) powergroups and (III) essencegroups perform al to gether in a integrated field which combines the cube and the sphere mechanisms of life.

So this blog intends to attract both its own intention and at the same time this Purpose ... Unifying author and readers. In the meantime learn and teach one another ... to communicate our lives even better than before.

The Hand image pictures the various group properties that are focussed on here.

Those cube-oriented properties of group I are linked to/resonating on group III. Both working together in a potentiality calling mode.

Group II is a container for sphere-oriented properties working together dynamically.

As a rule in this earthly life ... the other 3 arguments propagate the 4th: So, the power Unify cannot go with the powers of Polarize, Activate & Define; the action Attracting cannot go with the actions of Stabilizing, Bonding, Measuring; the essence of Purpose cannot go without the enlivening of Challenge, Service & Form.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

a serendepitious call?

today i read a short message (jan30'04) ...
(translating the dutch text it reads ...)

That magick with words
you do is opening eyes
Just as OrganPlay which continiously
does open again and again
different Registers
Greetings and once upon a time
Write to Meet again ...

Pieter Puister

well i just met the guy in a "dutch snackbar" for a 5 minute "smarttalk" ...
met him again 4 months later ... talked for, lets say, an hour ...
returned 4 months later and then it turned out the man died just a few days after we met ...
hmmm ... aint that a kind of an Angel, i wondered ...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Handy Number ThirTeen 13

Let me Define 13 Dynamic Spots we've got in our own Hands?

Well, this is a thing which doesnot make sense, for a starter ...
Indeed, before communicating Dialectical Meanings and Memory Systems ...
we've got to find a Key, a clue for a start ...

so let's forget those pictures for now and then "just" start all over again with the Hand and 13 ... ?
Why not?
I propose us to accept this Random Coincident as Chaos Attractor.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 13 moons a year
as dynamic energy metaphor?

So i suggest you to "give a Hand"?
And i present some keywords to the number 13:

Principle = Cosmic

-> Transcend Power -> Endure Essence -> Presence


Our Intention as a Cosmic Human
... responds to the Power of Endurance
... manifestating our liberated co-operation in Transcedence
... in order to Enlive our personal Presence


we'll proceed by exploring number 1 till 13 of dynamical energy stages

Be Back ... When reCovered?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Generation Binding Matrix

Today this tool seems to fit the quest for an instrument to communicate my strife to open a New Way of Thinking on Relational Affairs i, my fellow human and many more seem to suffer (and enjoy) on this planet. Planet? Let's (not!) plan it! Our Planet, for the while we're here anyhow ... Okay, with you?

So what can the symbols mean in the picture? May i suggest:
  1. number 13 in Maya Symbols: 2 bars and 3 dots (=10+3=13)
  2. 5 squares (or even cubes?)
  3. 5x4 corners (or double them if it were cubes)
  4. a smooth curve mirrors the "river" at the left
  5. a line rivering the 5 squares/cubes binding 5 Rings
  6. a free line through the black underground binding 2 Rings
  7. 5 Rings: inform - remember - formulate - express - reunite

Let me put this one as a start and see what it may bring ...
initiating the Generation Binding Matrix topic blogwise ;-)