Monday, February 28, 2011

Return of Telepathic Civilization

Page 192 in Cosmic History Chronicle - V / VII states (authors VV&RQ)

"There is also a reception of telepathic time waves from every point of past, present and future. This is always available; this is why we speak of mental layers. All thoughts or mental constructs that have ever occurred or will occur are equally dispersed throughout the universe creating layers of thought waves. The mental layers can be thought of as stockpiles of telepathic mind waves generated from different points in space. These mind waves have a common resonant frequency and so pack themselves into different mental layers ')."

These mental layers are described by various artists and architects, even some who might be consulted as shaman insight on future phenomenons in time-cycles as clues unlocking human frustrations into the better -dedicated- performance.

Examples are Spiral Dynamics and SD integral as well as SD integral semantico.
Which trinity is a pure wholly cycle in "the tree" and in the three partners in the trialogue , the ol' dialogue. Hmmm why is that - well the dialogue is just about two objects watching themselves ... the trialogue is 2 partners in a dialogue wanting to get over the context given content: so the worldview subjected by the 2 is part of their group set: thay are in a trialogue.

Then the triologue is about 3 objects as 3 singulars at a table which is used for the contexted content to have it right there in the middle of the tetralogue ofr do we prefer the term quadralogue?

In this way also the Maslow "Pyramid" is a mental layer mapping.
Which is lately shifted in to a better paradigm: the noodigm and concrete into the Wohlsam Breathed Perception. Which needs a description of its working semantico.

"stockpiles of telepathic mind waves generated from different points in space"