Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Munck Resonant Fields explore timespace

click the image to read its eArthurion details ?
her clickworld consumes private time or pleasure study

Exchanges -- Interamerican Dialogue

Cuicuilco: Public Protection of Mexican Cultural Patrimony in an Archaeological Zone

Ana MarĂ­a Salazar Peralta


comments may inspire the boored designer ;-)> Ah Fa Me 9

Sunday, September 23, 2012

eARTlab publishing

some images that need some narrative ...
where the Queak weaves on from july 23, 2009 ignited from behind the Central Sun
by a Tahirih Medal from Walchensee

this is only a reply from Bolon Ik apprenti in the similar Mission
Having met VV & RQ in 2005 o'22 simply agrees on PAN thoughts
where noo adventures in human temples are popping right in this period

[ clicking the image might comfort readings ]

[[ this is only a pre-lude which exem pli phies what is happening ]]