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martin buber ~ leadertypes

martin buber on leadertypes

A learning session in Heiligkreutztal, Germany april 2008 teaches by a Questionaire on the leadertypes in your own range of decisionmaking. It was given by a co-member of the Wuped Advisory Team. They were installed in february 2007 after a gathering in december 2006 at City Montessori School, Lucknow, India.

In the last section of the year this also became relevant in the sphere were a Dutch Capital Servant is serving his workings & duties on behalf of the co-workers, the citizen of the city and the inhabitants of a water estate: the in/formal statement says this foundation is aligned to the government that is willing to learn. It can be understood that the serving foundation on behalf of its "client-owners" is furthermore pleased when they learn how to work smart and effective by taking the quality-processes and outcomes serious.

Here a scripture is given what 6 leadertypes were spoken of, how three other immanent leadertypes are recognized on the individual entity by birth (and right).

Resp. the Patriarch, the Leader/Guide, the Judge, the King, the Prophet & the Priest are discriminated by giving them properties - close to the writings of Buber (here i rely on the knowledge of partners):

The Patriarch (1) is a figure as Abraham who starts a family for a greater period than just a mans lifetime.
Nowadays one might also question whether globally known entrepreneurs as eg. Bill Gates & Richard Branson may be classified in this leadertype section. A property to classify someone into this type is the longtime interval regarding the timecycles recognized in the era whaen they occur. When this is the case then it is to be stated that nowadays (after 2000) timecycles are pretty narrowed because of the closure for productversions because of globalized & integrated business alliances.
One might say that when someone invents a great thing - and its name as label - which is accepted broadly by the worldcitizens then s/he pops up in this leadertype. See also leadertype "9".

The Leader/Guide (2) type is assigned to a shepherd who leads the way from A to B. So this is referring to a figure as Moses.
In nowadays practice chosen representatives in a democratic telepathic area are (assigned) leading the way attuning with the directing board members of a public working field. Here the standards for having attuning sessions in the working area are set high because of norms as acting integer, respecting the equality of all people involved, willing to raise the radiant in the outcome, applying the intend up most in a sphere where everyone is invited the opportunity to learn and teach.
One might say that servants in all working areas are recognized because they no just simply follow the rules; they navigate their learning into the society, including the company, by invoking their mutual service with pleasure and personal initiative.

The Judge (3) is a fundamentally wise man who is consulted when a chaotic sphere is character for a, usually peaceful, enter prizing group of 2 or more people. Such a (wo)man can be a referee when he is informed in the field where the practices may have resulted in some "thoughts" to be communicated in a quality setting made known to all participants. The Judge is beyond any doubt a referee to follow in his decision, whenever a decision pops up in the time norm set. Complex situations might give reason and so cause for them to enlarge the timespan for investigation. This may also be a rule in the Working Class Area they give service too.
In 2008 the whole world is experiencing a great fall of trust in the commercial markets. This is (to be) identified as a lack of understanding at "Fremdkörpers" in the very dynamic business and relational sphere where workers give their attention and service. This is -a highly advised- calling for inspection of the inner gland (judging council) within the body of the company/working group whether the quality esteem that is requested is accomplished.
Tension in this area is the sphere where no-one is safe(d) to give a free word to what is happening and has to be registered by administration forces - informing what is transformed and transcended and included by the work and its partakers. "Beware to Judge another one" is a well-known slogan: the primal challenge is to act when it is necessary to act on behalf of the (public) interest including its future as well as historic trails.

The King (4) is a sort of frozen shepherd for his people. He is (said to be) the inheritor for a certain geographic set area (a country) which has claimed its laws in a book.
In society this role can also pop up at a decision that illustrates the "ruler-type" or the dictator (boss).
In a public foundation such a type is a political appointed figure who meets the standards set for this honorable position and its style-figures. Mostly some people "fight" to get this nomination. Focused attention is needed in this election phases in order to avoid "false priests".
In the commercial area often a family or inventors interest is leading the way. A mixture of talents may promote the wished outcome and companies lifetime.

The Prophet (5) is said to be a wise man who is not especially everyone's friend. This can be changed in a time where people experience the richness of the wisdom trail in the communities. Those times occur synchronized by chaotic circumstances where too many leaders preach their ego ... and lots of followers were seduced by hypnotizing media and journalists and false reists and so on ... (politicians and mayors - royalty minded ones - too)

The Priest (6) is a word blessing and story blessing talent ... often he used to contemplate sins to better achievements in mutual affairs ~ but then ... how is the learning mode recovery span in ratio with the situations that need the learning mode outcome - mediated widely and wisely ...
In the first 10 years of this new 3th millenium fallse priests first dominate and then are haunted and they will try to get in the innocence modes for ascaping the things they offer other wo/man ... as a standard behaviour for quite some time ... We'll keep them on the right track where reclaiming is part of the aligned procedures ...


the 3rd triangle is addressed to the trinity of the follower ~ the inner child ~ the passionate

and the passionate is the human "follower" awakening and setting its course in civilized co*creation ...


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why Reed Human Kind i.s.o. Read ?

why Reed Human Kind i.s.o. Read ?

Here i will tell some properties in life and its continuous change flow which are just given by nature and get words in several languages and i here use the worldspread language of label English just because it is more convenient to me than Chinese - at the moment ...

Reed is by my knowledge a vibration which is attached to a mythical being often labeled by Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan and the Feathered Serpent ...

The label resides from its-his birthday in a Mayan calender crossing referred to as Tzolkin.
It is sunseal SKYWALKER tone 1 - kin 053 ...
In fact it is the destiny oracle for kin 52 - cosmic human (HU :: spirit - function of God)

Then reading in the function of acting as a God is parallel into the spirit of the Writer who acted in his best mode for sharing Love / letting go wisdom / dreaming its spell by expressed vibrations ...

this may do the understanding and also gives opportunities to mesh up ... by implicit blogspot form

naMast√© s´ace

Rhythmic Moon day 15
Year of the Blue Electric Storm

kin 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker
I Unify in order to Explore
Attracting Wakefullness
I seal the Output of Space
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

gives rise to Yellow Cosmic Human

kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human
I Endure in order to Influence
Transcending Wisdom
I seal the Process of Free Will
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Intelligence

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airbourne ~~~

hi over T here ...

it is an amazing time & somehow i sense i did not do my duty here at the Quality Standards PurePosed ...

and then suddenly goes faster than ever be::*|*:: (before & beyond in KenW/VV language)

here is how planes land uphill & get airborne from downhill
& ask why govermental sickoes didnot arize to that trick be:: (the short version of the trick initiated)

then another one sets the checkboxes on issues harmonizing souls at the spiritual level ..

and a story from a psycho-area of new dispens(ens)ation gets the reader at observance state beyond mysteries sowed so gentle ...

we are awaiting the pivotale messages from chozen deputies at the peoples side ...
(also known as democratic field aliancees)

namasteY s'ace