Friday, September 23, 2011

vision statement United Community of SpiritS''

} statement is actualized according cycle IV LotD spectralizes His Form {

ref. CHC VII page 192 ("challenging self generation")

initial date september 26, 2011 the Netherlands
DreamSpell Kin016 Electric Warrior

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WOHLSAM parallel to Red Queen & Wilcox

First , lets state WOHLSAM is a new & noo time alternative for the lead that was given by Maslov Pyramid Mystery & Collapse.

Here is an entry to study the phenomenon.

Then the book Time, Synchronicity & Calendar Change of Stephanie South (Red Queen) states this as a realization by working intense together (page 336) :

By assuming these archetypal roles "Valum Votan" and "Red Queen", José and Stephanie were able to perceive of another world, a living fourth-dimensional reality of magical transmutations of every day experience. For José this process was so vast that nothing in his experience could parallel it; it required a complete education at all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and phisical. But these were only modes of preparation. He viewed his apprentice as a true living medium, a sensitive being through whom the transmissions of knowledge bavame a living flame. Her role was to summarize, synthesize, and reformulate the transmission anew through her being. This was an ongoing, dynamic calling for greater levels of purification of both body and mind. This entire self-transcending process later became known as the "Noosphere II Research Project".

Then see the upside down pyramid form of WOHLSAM ...
and from level 5 to 1 we see also those 4 themes arise: "spiritual, mental, emotional, and phisical" and then a bottom layer for them is labelled as the Rhythmic Intelligence at the edge of arizing state of the art & science.

This is also where Wilcox comes in, from what my vision tells me for quite a while yet:

Maybe in the meantime i developed my own "apprentice", whom i have to ask and consult whether "this is sort of the case".

ToYoh S'ace

in the same kin this RosiCrusian came in guided & commented by Fred Meagher on UCS

KIN DS257 LC219 3K216 resp. earth storm warrior