Monday, January 10, 2011

the number 7 list as a list

is it an idea to paraphrase anotherones list?

usually paradigm says not to do such a thing ... but then this can be a pivotes motiv to do it while the 7 should be 9 as a wholly better list to initiate other people. But then the 2 extra ones might just spin-off from the study to the 7 geven free on a site ...

The 7 Keys to Ascension (Rising to a 5 th Dimensional Consciousness):

* 1st Key - You must first desire this level of perfection and state of consciousness with all your heart, mind and soul.
* 2nd Key - Renew your intentions to reach your goal. Constancy is the 2 nd key.
* 3rd Key - The fountain of youth and rejuvenation you are seeking lies within you always. Your DNA will shift as your consciousness shifts.
* 4th Key - Your DNA is another key to your infinite vitality. It evolves at the speed that you evolve your consciousness & increase your love quotient.
* 5th Key - Your thoughts, words and feelings bring up the subject of the quality of your internal dialogue from moment to moment. How well do you monitor your thoughts, your feelings and the words you speak to yourself and others with each now moment? How do you feel about yourself and your body?
* 6th Key - To activate with this wondrous fountain, you must first unite with it and become it. The true fountain of youth is a fountain of pure light, a 5 th dimensional tool. In order to activate it within self, you must increase the light in all the cells of your physical body and also in all your other bodies and more subtle bodies (your entire Being). Cleanse your emotional body of negative human emotions; monitor your thoughts and begin to think and act like a master would.
* 7th Key - Begin to live your new truth, and the results you are seeking will follow. It cannot be otherwise.

} first dream this list and then recover? {