Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LLLinking Worlds (SightPage)

In HeiligKreutzTal may 2009 we happened to experience the lecture by Veronika on DreamWatching

(DreamWatcher2009 was toggled out of DreamCatcher2008 - a workshop done by YaniQ)

in this May(an) period also some articles popped up on ucs forum

here some articles are gathered that focussed my timespanned attention in my own watched & catched dreamlife:

Fifth dimension fishing lure! ~ dogon ing

& S' Oil Presence6 ~ dogon ing

Having a collective fifth dimension fishing lure influence is the start. It will be the filter refinements for each individual, that will allow the fifth dimension influences to grow, as collective based grid setup. This as perceived, is a mind action expressed in earth word terms, for setting a stage for a major inside the earth world, dream shifting. Whether the shift occurs before the conclusion of this current ascension cycle or not, all depends on a simple collecting of numbers. One fishing lure, two fishing lures, three fishing lures and so on until BANG and many conscious presence, discover a surprise dream shift has occurred!

Dream Shifting - 44105 ~ dogon ing
As the presence within this dogon setup, we are aware that this simple praying type influence, can be taken a lot further and with greater latitude for what can occur. However, personal experiences with overall dreaming, both allows this extension to be known, as well as presenting the major challenge to allow for such potency of change to occur. The challenge part is easy to express, since it is short. If a presence is able to stay conscious through all that occurs as a vibration variance, during the point of shift, then the presence will arrive to realize they are aware a major shift just occurred. But that is it!

Then i also received nice readings as yellow paper works'hoppers from monamie jane at UCS:

. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. .
. . . .
. .

let me just quote here from the definition section 1 where keywords as LOVE ~ HEALING ~ WILL ~ DESIRE (intent) ~ FAITH are set in a TUTORS FOCUS MINDSET considering the COM(MAND) offered. (another one settles COURAGE AMBITION WORSHIP)

:{ just point at / click the dots above }:

Faith is a deep certainty that is causative. Faith is complete trust even in the face of evidence to the contrary. It makes no difference to the Greater Life if you are skeptical about its existence or not. The Greater Life is as real for one person as it is another. It is your understanding of it that distinguishes your degree of Inner awareness. Unlike Will and Desire, Faith is not a fundamental component of your Inner-makeup. You are not made of faith but a lot of it has been placed in you. If you want to have the power of Faith in your mortal life you must grow your awareness of it. You grow faith by giving it your attention. You feed Faith by using it. As you feed it, it grows. ... (it narrates more in the origin paper)


respecting creative commons settings at large & in noosphere com(mental mantras)

then in intra~spection from papers provided by yitzhaq ... the hope prevails ...

(Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

... was my short-cut into an oracle ... guided by my star~comm~ando's:

52 & 13 pushup 39 and 4 (unityfour)
where 39 relates to 27 as the Quetzalcoatl figure talked over in moon-noo-format'ion

53 even signifies kin053 which is REED-ONEs ... Kukulkan BEN1 (52+1)
12 must be the HUMAN seal 12 as well as Crystal Tone 12 ...
in wavespell BEN 1 KIN064 (52+12): SEED self-existing and also i-ching indicating ...
52 as whole weeks in a year ...
(which is now pivoted by 39 kweeks: crystal storm => planetary ignition magick)