Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alphabeth & history debugging

here i received an article gathering details on the history of characters ...

"the meaning behind the letters"

(later more?)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tahirih Path Finder

About 18 months ago i was iniated by Starr Saffa in a Life of Tahirih.
In December 2008 a German Lady visitedme and presented 2 Tahirih medals, one for my mate and one for me. It felt like a tremendous great gift and honor as well.

Today i was meditating the Planet into the 11/11 11:11:11 portal exercise that is scheduled for tomorrow - Galactic Human in DreamSpell Magickal Flight ...

It fits to give the announcement of Starr done at UCS free.

Here is the direct link to her promotion on the Tahirih Message for All People ...

I offer the suggestion to plan an hour in about some timespan that fits to receive the messages from the sources mediated.

Namasté S'ace ~ in a Meety ;-)
Advisor & Networker in World Unity & Peace Education

the meety is entangled with many other "searchers who found something special" ...
as my friend antoni from italy, i just got some nice pieces to (re)consider:
* Democracy or Fundamentalism: which Educational Model?
* Democracy ~ Religion ~ Drugs

~~~ a document/writing gets it in a compounding body:

Dialectic Education Manifesto

The goal of the Dialectic Education association is the possibility of changing today's social trend from management of family and social relations based on manufacturing consent and exploiting people's passive - dependent sharing-in, up to a management based on optimizing citizen's constructive dialectical confrontation and people's conscious, critical and active participation in common affairs.

The wanted change infers the self-organizing mode of relationships being performed in all levels of social organization, which the family is the simplest and most basical and the state is the most complex of. To date, all these organizational levels show a trend towards the enhancement of consent and passive-malleable political subjection.

We can find a clear example of the effects of this un-democratic trend in the current management of the Italian Republic by its prime minister, who through a careful use of mass-media and propaganda to control and accomodate the collective consent does favor his own presidentialism at the expense of equal democratic rights and values.

On the other hand, the manufacturing and enhancement of consent is a common feature in all levels of social organization, starting from that of the family up to that of constitutional political parties. The wanted change towards enhancing the values of dialectical constructive confrontation and conscious critical active sharing-in by a democratic community must have its origin from grassroots bottom-up, therefore from the most elemental and basic level of social organization, that is the Family.

This does not mean that the family institution should be led from top-down against the current management of collectivity. Rather, parents' attention must be drawn to the fact that the capacity for constructive confrontation and dialectical criticism and active participation in the social context has been authoritatively pointed out as the feature of children's personality that most will guard the latter against the risk of falling into drug addiction. Parents should thus be given the information that there is a chance of an intervention for Primary Prevention of drug addiction, and that this chance requires parents themselves to adopt a family communication model that may train independent children, able to perform the values of comparison and critical participation from birth on. The propagation of the relevant model is the statutory objective of the Association "Dialectic Education" ( )

by Antonio Rossin - Villa Estense (Italy) 20/10/2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

responding the visionQueast

i entered this site after a pointer by 'Entheo Genius' theme ...

i crosslink it to the kweekspell revelation here ...

maybe i will add some things that mushroom in the theme launched later

responding already opens pages in my bodily memory box ;-)

"each teardrop pictures a rainbow from the heart & earth & limby tops"