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"VicTor~ia" Fires SEED7 glyph

(this morning i was informed by a friend on his experiences in the area of Victoria, Australia, where a Fire overwhelms cities, villages, woods ~ so human beings, their heritaged communities ~ animals and plants ~ what to do / how to act )

:{ notion :: some fellows do not like the idea to cling a healing narrative to a drama ~ i suggest them they are the characters that hide themselves in walls of buildings with a sick building syndrôme - i offer them toe talk and walk with - he seems to be the intergal governance (corporate?) manager of the year 2003 according the records published (roelof is one of my most decorated students and is on for another stage in his records educating "his life neural with the waternet foundation") }:

Last days i was informed by SEED6 (the previous topic here) how to schedule the narrative guided by the image SEED7 ...

The SEED 1-7 serie was invoked by a metamorphing MASLOW pyramid - to me - as a pop to a butterfly.

How to share my insights with my fellow earthlings but keep on the track given and channel the outcome ...

So i did just that ... ')


kin 97: Red Rhythmic Earth

I Organize in order to Evolve
Balancing Synchronicity
I seal the Matrix of Navigation
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

consider the rhythm of the flames enlightening our upmost intends at the highest supreme court each individual reaches out for ... bringing morphing chemicals & telepathic psi-healings forward in the spots that require them from the centered perception at charge

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ InterMediateSection~~~~~(IMS)

a Bottomline for Readers here who experience complex chemicals popping up at the station there govern ~ it is recommended to beware of overdosis and come back at a better prepared session ...

notion on the previous text sent: i see that i toke the word SEED in stead of REED ...

i accept this "small error" as a provocational creative friction to the mythic figure of REED1 ...

They used it like a game, in other words, a game whose adoption actually remapped their experience of quotidian reality, seeding synchronicities and drawing the tribe together within a mild collective hallucination.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end IMS

Tip before getting into the storyline / narrative ...:

This storyline sets the prime idea one is on this planet to achieve a talent given in servant role ...

This perception differs from the "previous narrative" (REED6) where the educational approach was considered to be the prime perspective ...

When anyone has a Question which arises at the Monads (you, as a single agent developing/at charge) then it may suit you to put your Question Forward without any hesitation because of whatever reason ...

The blogmaster here is highly recommended by the Mayor of Amsterdam and the Gandhi Associates ... including the United Community of Mastery - ucs (or is not recommandable at all).


0 :: This Birth Calendar Tzolkin is definitely starting at the moment a spirit arises in a body (say 13 days after ignition). It is a scientifically dragonic fact in the free world of interchanging revelations that the resonant "spice and space" is at a lead. So here the STAR glyph informs on the Ethical Leadership Role commanded in 1999 by liberating its keywords: Beautify ~ Elegance & Art

1 :: At first Breath of the Hú~Man the roles in a community ring at stage change rapidly in a mental concept at Communities Sovereign Guidance.
Often the DRAGON glyph sets the course on the mental program of Nurture ~Birth & BeinG which calls for the Universe to React ...

2 :: When it arises to a Mind that its Environment is a Given Miracle at Universal Sound ~ then the Muse Enchants Timeless Receptive Emptiness as Aether Glow Fusing this Harmonick Planet at our Dis/Posal ~ Pure~Pos~All , Kinethical Expressed ... :: See number 2 as the expression of the pulling TREE :: 3 ... HandY 4+1

3 :: Handy Tree at HúMans Bodily Dynamic is as two antennae weaving their actions and open mind vessels in natural flow guided by a wonderful stream ~~~
Keys at its Menu-Pallet : Know the Accomplishment(ality) at the Healers Mutual Weave of the Massage and its inner Message MediatinG ...

KeeN 147

... represents the Sound i.e. "Neu Bah Ree" ~ 1st 4th 7th Chakra ~ base - heart - crown in the sequential approach ; it represents DO FA TI in the radiant approach ... here it sounds as i.e. "Rah Who Bee" : 4th 2nd 7th Chakra in the origin line-up (taste the diffent approaches / perceptions for their Given Meaning by the Personatal Crystal)

4 :: Sun is the SelfExistingCrystal mirroring cosmic energy into our solar tribe of planets and moons radiating its Overtone (5th milestone ...)
4 & 5 (9) mobilize focus by the trinity of EnlightenedMentality ~ Universal-Fire & Life

( how close is this to the DREAM glyph next to it 15 :: NIGHT )

5 :: The SkyWalker is here the core Spice (in mayan REED).
In represents pipes , two vertical pipes that seem to enter a surface ...
It communicates the essences of Exploring Space in Wakefulness (service).

How our Communities Heaven and the Crystal Breathe and Pulse Refined Values ...

6 :: WorldBridger is a sort of Politician in the Field of the Agora ... it is a Wise Man & Granny too who also goes with the flow of possibilities that have raised in the Living Lasting Love Life ~ he communicates the Death and the Alive Realms in their Grace. Both equa & aqualizing death "gestalts" into opportunities ...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ InterMediateSection~~~~~(IMS)

Last days i , white solar wind archetypical, went through another phase - simply because those revelations need that angels in order to digest them ... into another perspective ...

now i look for the 2x6 glyphs outside the 2 triangles ...

14 12 10 1 X 19 17 is one diagonal ...

15 9 11 2 X 18 20 the other one ...

in essences attached to those numbers / glyphs they sound as :

loyalty ~ awareness ~ order ~ being X mind ~ flow

intuition ~ instinct ~ illusion ~ receptivity X breath ~ art

How does this sound ~ bringing those 12 into number 5 ... (wakefulness)

(final IMS i will see for the 7 glyphs inside + number 5 = > bo TT om)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end IMS

7 :: The Resonant Storm is as a "Contradiction in Terminis": it suggest quite some STIRR and tobe Catalyzed and still it is Resonant : Channeling and Inspiring the Attunement ...

it is as the EYE (on top of the WOHLS'AM images) that beams the PEACE and PACE back into the ORDER it peacefully requires ...

8 :: Is the infinity symbol integrated in the HOMO Sapiens Sapiens Specie ... from a vast field of active quanto's - possibly coming into the man's master mind at the end of another cycle ( they say - and i affirm to that - 2013 is the dawn of that other era / aeon ~ and that is to be prepared in service for the capital its citizens and its countries people at grow and blow vital edges ~ why not even inspire them mayors and ministers? )

The human glyph combines the keywords Free-Will ~ Influences ~ Wisdom

9 :: Here right after the Human in this Sequence the LifeForce Symbolic pops up ... it is also the SEX oriented spice ~ maybe tobe learned for its most potential kinethical off-spring ... :{ in the Best of the West? (sex-abuse as understatement) }:

Combined with number 9 it even affirms to :

I pulse in order to survive
Realizing instinct
I seal the store of life force
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of birth
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

hmmm ~ that sounds pretty swell: it is a GAP: Galactic Activation Portal (enter me ')

') here take the notion that SPACE is the 27th Character in the 26 character Alphabet ... and ENTER is the 28th! (never forget this notion and channel what is boyond that ... :)

10 :: Is the Mirror Symbol that also is symbolized by the Knife, the Sword ... it is pretty sharp ... and seems to hurt while blood streams come up from this "imagination"

It is simply an ordering principle clearing up sober / problematic situations ... mark the 90 degree edges as a winding staircase not showing the "planned outcome" ... Each step teaching a particular thing ~ a mystical thing till right that moment climbing a phase ... of many more.

Here the 10 digit is marking the Mirror ~ planetary spice from dream dynamic reference card : manifestating an outcome at the personal address ... and sort of inter-connecting all other being in thath ...

~~~~~~~~ I M S ~~~~ inter mediate section beginning

i just wondered why i labelled this topic SEED7 but now i saw it was an "accident", a "wrongdoing", "a "false note that any officer can give me a penalty for (?)" ~ but then is just saw it was a given entry by the cosmic impulse that a'rose to my "planned typo" : REED ... so i meant REED7 iso SEED 7 ...

this occured to me because toDay 2/16/2009 is SEED13 in Mayan calendar ...:

I endure in order to target
Transcending awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of elegance

~~~~~~~~ I M S ending ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

11 :: aHa: here we have the MonKey Glyph ~ the magic area - they say - because the magic area is "the heart-side" ~ open field for the logic side to dig there ...

It happens to be the 11 number that accompanies the 11th SEAL ~ as DRAGON1 and WORLDBRIDGER6 and later on WARRIOR16 (how crucial that might be?!) ... Here we may see Tone11 next to the Monkey - simply because the monkey plays magic in order to see all our spices (e)merging to Quality -> ref? the Rainbow Warrior! and also the Rainbow Meditation

12 :: Here is the SEED seal which matches todays SEED13 Kin 104 - the end of a CASTLE ... (5 castles of 52 make 260 - as if the weeks of the year weave into 5 cycles of 52 days!)

Number 12 - is 3x4 (where 4 is the number of the SEED-seal in the sequence of 20 seals) - it also is characterized by the CRYSTAL - the frozen "water" of ancient times that h'olds the code ... of our common destiny ... :: hey, say ~ did you hear of the importance to vitalize your water in order to stimulate the body to produce the origin spirit at the "self" the "s'eleven" ?

13 :: How ~ funny :: our Earth Symbol is on top of all complementary to the Earth Intelligence Section it resides here in the Spiritual "Awareness" Intelligence section - which will be a good motion for (Jagdish) Gandhi ~ a guy who has build up a huge school in Lucknow/India who relate to "my" lectures and those of my job-mayor Job Cohen and its appointed deputies. Crystal clear is the notion that given services are honored as well in the telepathic realm, the sensoric realm and the catalytic realm.

13 is the final Tone that transcends the 12 working spices into a Space where nobody "is" ... "self"

14 :: White Dog here opens a new cycle of Tones ... That fits pretty good to a new chakra that has been affirmed last days ...

Tone One is the Magnetic ~ Attraction for the UniQy Call ... ;-)

~~~~ IMS section ~~~~ opener

enDuring the process of Narrating the PlayBoard Set from Cosmic Impulse ...
some - to me - great radiance was exchanged by monads - as i call them ~ because i can see their personal rise - and one of the feedback impulses from the radiant field was the re-addressing of the logo UCS ...

UCS actually is (in my field of reference and orientation) assigned to the meaning "United Communities of Spirits" where i "just" pivoted it to another meaning - related to changed poles / sovereignity:

Untied Consciousness of Spirits ...

~~~~ IMS section ~~~~ closure

15 :: Here the number outranges the span of 1-13 considering the Tones ~ well no problem : where 14 is again Tone 2; 15 is Tone 2 etc.

Then we are here in the Blue Lunar Night ~ knowing that Lunar is Pole Signature:

sends this affirmation:

kin 223: Blue Lunar Night
I Polarize in order to Dream
Stabilizing Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Vision

sure this is in the resonant field of the spiritual intelligence un(iQ)conscious section

16 :: The 4th Seal at its Sequential Position as well as in the WaveSpell Order :: Doubling the Own Power ...

Here Hear & There it is ... the Warrior ~ W'arrower ~ Sagittarius Spice at Work ~ in the Battle of Words - art'iculating truth and Cosmic Destity : mirror for those who learn and teach ... so fruitfully ...

See in the Image (as i observe it right now for the first time in those weeks) it is attached to Tone 3 - the Electric Tone of Service ... and has a white * (shift 8: to 9?) above it from the previous REED6 - 1 fields as images that popped up as it did ...

KEYWORDS attached to WARRIOR (mayan CIB): Question ~ Intelligence ~ On Courage

17 :: Moon carries the Self-existing :: (4/four/for) ...

See how the Warrior is attached via the Moon to the next: WIND!
Why? Simply train SERVICE - FOR - Radiance / empowering / commanding (see next - number 18!)

here we give the Affirmation of kin 16 - 3rd kin-worshipper in the Wizards Wave (2nd -lunar- Wave/20):
kin 16: Yellow Electric Warrior
I Activate in order to Question
Bonding Fearlessness
I seal the Output of Intelligence
With the Electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire

i see it is place one seal further that its texture - it happens to be a GoodWillHint!


18 :: WIND is here aligned to Tone 5 - RadianT & emPowers the CommanD ... it signals where the navigator resides ... in an enlightened cave where optimal senders conditions are installed by a KinG CominG ~ recently smiling from AntarctiKa ... with his related Oppposite Gender ... preparing a showoff/on ... mediated worldwide

WIND s Key Words: Spirit Communicates Breathe

SEE :: number 122 communicates this very page (seal 1 to 22) alse 2x61 (7)

19 :: Crystal Opposite of Wind is the Eagle meets the Condor ...

(actually CONDOR also stands for "control of navigation & daily operations & reporting)
- this was a working practice at this vessels legacy in KLM airline duty - (1979-)1982-1985; this was actually noticed by my fellow director -"Public Affair Manager of the Year 2003 in the Netherlands"- of Waternet Foundation - previously DWR / Amsterdam & Hilversum ~ presenting somebodies Feathers on a Hat!

Popping up the combination Amsterdam & Hilversum also regrets the murders on Pim Fortuyn (maya 2002) and Theo van Gogh (nov-2, 2004)

This is aligned by Tone 6 - Rhythmic & Music! and then it activates the TwinBirdSong at the EagleGlyph:

Blue Rythmic Eagle
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Polar Clan- Sky

I organize in order to create
Balancing mind
I seal the output of vision
With the rythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

Gregorian Date coming is 4/28 ! which gives 7 as its QuoTienT ;-) FUN

The Motherstone vibrates, subatomic murmurs curse through its veins of obsidian and sparks fly off, but only those with vision see it. There is only one Old One left who knows of these things. Silently he hums the Ancestor’s tunes and waits. And waits.

20 :: This is a real revelation Glyph given its Tone and Number on this DAY ...

White Lunar World-Bridger
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I polarize in order to equalize
Stabilizing opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of endlessness
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

Kin 106 gives "7" ...
STAR 20 = STAR 7 :: KIN 228 indicating infinity 22 - 8 as the vertical lemniscate (symbol for infinity) ...
while 22 gives 9 (minus 13) and its Tone gives 8 they both ignite number 7 - the centered ONE from the countdown logic 9-8-7 ...

(it is my logic / wisdom / sovereign navigational gift by birthgiven-talent) despite & parallel to any-ones type of affection - interco**ecteD)

~~~IMS opening

a HANDY HAN DAY ~ on tomorrow ... HAND *** (electric / service)

~~~IMS closure

22 :: another site speaks ...

then our 22 seems to be this very DAY ~F eb 19-2009~ HAND Three / There / Treeh

Blue Electric Hand
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Core Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I activate in order to know
Bonding healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of magic
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

a GAP ~ Galactic Activation Portal ... and another 8 on its Back / in FronT ( imagine the previous one was ZERO ~ DEATH ~ Opportunity for new RATIO ~ settings )

What does this say from an egoless state of mindset (which seems to be blessed)?

Hand is always directed into Starr's Direction ... simply while it is the ghost of the body at work ... there the knowledge of working / being at serve awakens the mind at rest / in peace / in leisure timespans ... the hand heals ~ just like my pretty gender opposite gets feeded when she is giving me a massage with her giving warm hands ... (crystal monkey pathway for cosmic human).

here another picture
gives notice of the MoonKEY Business: monkey symbol CHUEN is on top : its the Guide to Hand ... (mark the revelation of numbers 9 3 1 = 3**2 3**1 3**0 => GENESYS decode)

Then it is in catalyzing service for 2 partners : EARTH and HUMAN ( that is pretty logic, right NOW : )

While the OCCULT partner is IX, WIZARD ... and wizardwaves MOBILIZER is IX~IK -> KiN022 ...
WeLLL weLLL weLLL this whole narrative fits like a swearing finger; two vowing fingers ... it conj-ur-es ...

and then what is google
what is its ground of existence ?
"goochelen" is a dutch word which is similar as CONJURE!

"i" conjured a narrative excluding number 21: the Black Jack ... he is the VOID!
and 22 that is its Destiny ...

U & ME in anOther Trail for Humanity



') what popped up was that the positions of the sequence in SEED6 had to remain the same ... this was pure and perfect (nothing to change); what came in from the channel is the fact that the Tzolkin Board of Essentials in a Weaving tell another sequence but the Harmnick given by seals and tones, that is the sequence of wavespells ... In fact this is Kin 1 - Kin 14 - Kin 27 - (Kin previous + 13) - Kin 248 (STAR-wave); in total 20 wavespells where each seal is attractor for a wave serial accomplishing an essential(ity).
So number 1 to 20 in the map initiated on SEED6 are now filled by that Systemic.
Here number 0 - zero is the Leader for all Wavespells and where 0 is the first, 1 is the second, ... 20 is the twentyfirst in that serie of 21; the player is number 22 (another "zero-point-field")

") the zero point field of any SEAL might be its MAGIC SQUARE ...
here i give the image :: of those 4 points affirming the FiFth:

resp. tone 3 ~ 10 ~ 11 ~ 4 (sum 28 ") number of kin/days in a moon of 13moon verti-calender)
") 28 is always the number of the 4 tones in a magic square - it is the permutation mark for G oo D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IMS last

(final IMS i will see for the 7 glyphs inside + number 5 = > bo TT om)

hand ~ earth ~ sun => spirit intelligence section : healing navigation into transcendence

death => mental intelligence section : opportunity

storm => heart / emotion intelligence section : energy catalyzer / digestive

warrior => physical intelligence section : mature stand for acting on courage by Questioning the Other One

skywalker => earth intelligence section <= number 5 ") : REED as Seed as Ree'D(emocracy Foundations)

human => crystal intelligence section : the human body is as a planet ... it even is the perfect cosmos mirror that includes time ')

') out of the time-dependent layers are 3 timeless layers - akasha fields - they are also at the upper end of the show => the human body (also each living nomad/body); conclusion TIME DOES NOT EXIST

")see number 5 as the catalyzer facilitating the inner and outer "waves"


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