Tuesday, February 04, 2014

the NUMERIC game from 441 till 3 2 1 ..

in order to center from the STAFF principles

i breathed some pictures sent by Bruce / Spiritual Alliance

i just received a "challenging meeting at the ice olympics in Russia with Yiitzhaq this morning"

reference here ..

2/3 HAND sector for HEALING - as the starting energy spot

(this comes back in the REPORTING section after the operations ... as in CON D o R - CONtrol of Daily Operations & Reporting a former project at an int. airl. carrier)


in fact this is just a preparatory to the article from 441
as an inspiration from InterSpirit Alliance / Bruce


(the dot on the right end is just ZEROpoint here) And arising through the center of this circle in a vertical way -- is this Axis.

Question: HOW does this refer to the MATRIX movies ?

his as a starter getting permission from Bruce to work this out ..
before inserting the article in the ALLIANCE workshop .. 


Next numbers showing in images ..

the sphere (represented by a circle) is
the zeroeth (null ?) or 6th SOLID FORM
in the series of the PLATO FIVE
its staff is the number PI , 3.14... 

8 segments in the circle
9 phases in the pile

governing principles here are
2 ^ 3 communicated within 8
3 ^2 communicated within 9
in fact
the water / H2O molecule speaks from its Blue Planet

similar a previous ..
mark the number 8 became 10
and the number of sheets differs on the flames

seems to communicate BABEL
HIStory rules and CONtrols
lot of cubes, by the way


the 12 segments ..
in fact communicate 1 O and 2 H atoms
in 4 Quarters
which is easy to draw in sand
(tends to become a standard)
beware of MINDcontrol !

exercise ..
draw a circle with resp. 
3 5 7 9
and 13 too

Question : what impression gives the last WHEEL verzus the standard
The Wheel seen a bit larger
let us see for the 12 themes
infrastructure justice media relations science spirituality
arts economics education environment governance health
(no religion/culture/elite here?)

another ten i could reproduce are ..
Psychology - Astronomy - Physics & physiology - Metaphysics
Anthropology Numerics Symbolics Mystics Geometrics Astrology
(no Secrecy/elite here?)

Question : HOW could the 12 be matched to the 10 ??

the following is leaving it to Bruce
whom i thank to deliver some initials

next now is 
accomplishing a list of numbers 
and exchanging with my friend Yitzhaq how they communicate ..

in a mission to articulate a holistic Israel / Servant Nation Ideas

see                                 END NOTE S'ace here at  the some end
Now let's explore something. The other night, I took a recent high-quality version of the Wheel graphic with the Golden Axis running through it, and rotated it slightly so that the axis became vertical.
I don't know what Barbara would say about this -- but for me, nothing is lost -- and maybe (?) something powerful and fascinating comes into focus.
Compare this briefly with this model of the human energy field I posted here previously, taken from http://yoursacredanatomy.com/ -- also showing the "layers" or levels within an individual human being, as arranged in concentric circles and aligned through a vertical (and horizontal) axis.
If all of this is making sense, we can now take a look at another graphic I found on Barbara's Facebook page -- an image of "fractal levels of nested circles with a coordinate frame/cross/axis at the center of each circle".
Here's where the great power of this model comes into focus...
Consider what this anonymous writer (anonymous as far as I know) said about this image -- written underneath it.
"The higher humanity rises as a collective group soul, the more important it is to make sure every aspect is in alignment."
How do we insure that "every aspect is in alignment"? We all align -- millions of circles -- billions of people -- to a common axis, already present in the spiritual energy field of every human being, and present in the center of every resonant spiritual circle.

Here's the fractal scale of these circles, getting smaller and smaller and smaller, just like the Russian dolls.
Imagine every one of these circles aligned in the same cross, like the Awakening graphic. Essentially, all these independent circles at any level are aligned through the same (absolute/non-relativistic) center (yet each circle does retain local independence).
Here's what it looks like to me....
If we can bring this design into full focus, working out the details, we are discovering and articulating the master plan for evolution.


END NOTE S'ace here

23456789 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 .. 19

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 .. 28

29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 .. 37 


principle is that each 9th number in a series is a 10 , numerically spoke

(evident in the system of the decimal cycle)
the numerical 9 is a holistic number in the unit of 10 (1) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

letter of today - [4 12 2013 - april twelve]

see here for the referenced date
12 059 012 071
treekweak map

where uncle s'ace found an old letter ... spelling

creative human friction

Being connected to a worldcitizen forum, lately, i s’ace – dutch planetary sapiens -, was informed about this Newsletter. It announced things as
  • create awareness for the immediate need of Global Action Plan to unleash the “Power of People” for democratic global Governance and bring an era of peace, unity, prosperity and happiness for all in the world
  • launching this newsletter keeping in mind the interest of world's 2 billion children and generations yet-to-be-born
  • and other motivations …

The call for articles i would most vividly manifestate by having a little ceremonical physical mind-focussing gesture with my fellow humans simultaneously. A sort of act that might near the practical almost impossible to organize happening, could be the invitation to readers to say loudly and imaginary and as integral as you can mobilize with us all:
focus - “neu ree bah” - “neu ree bah” - “neu ree bah” -

Then …
i am manifestating my personal intentions with some words about what i think has been going on for such a long time seen from the spot i lived a life …

When …
you are with me here in the text i think we are in a governance sphere:
you are you , i am me and we are us together thinking in a lineair wording, in a radiant meaning.

And …
i am aware as you are of 2 billion children, over 4 billion adults and generations yet-to-be-born …
and could suggest to choose to (re)member one of those 3 groupies. Am i mature and adult? Or do i prefer both mature and child? Or do I prefer all the groupies?

Say …
i imagine myself to be a member of all the groupies mentioned, may I invite you to join and enjoy my choice and have no judgements or whatever on the individuals who (still) are making another choice?

So …
if you joined, we can analyse the democratic history build upon a way of (pre)selling our decisional soul to a system proclaiming “one-man-one-vote” mechanism as radaring people, humans, into a centralized system, a sort of state-oriented-competition status quo.

And …
that staus quo globalized to our time of “now”.

Bringing us together in the “we realize ourselve” awareness … that we can never and should never again organize a democratic electionary event on the basis of one-man-one-vote mechanism. Why?

We can articulate ourselves on a more profound way :
1st we learned to manage some complexities in life as buying 3 or more things for, say, 20 exchange valued units (kind of money). So, we also can be as a (football)coach selecting your personal favourite members of, say, a coalition representing your personal main center in having a stand in co-operational matters.

If you got this idea, then we proceed imagening step 2: every now and then you can get other motivations in composing your teammates, your personal chozen  candidates in a political arena. Then in a new world of democracy there is no need to wait till the next election event is alive, while the system will always be there for all members. And be confident that this system is of another system generation than the one we had. Let me here not describe the old one but only the new one: it shows integrity, equality, resonance, listener & intent.

In fact we created by step 1 and 2 an imagenary system that could base global democracy, as it is meant to be on this Lucknow Symposium in December.

Then, reminding the ultimate wish of this Newsletter … create awareness …
i would launche over here the idea of building an enduring democracy networked society. How?

How to make an endurable design within our Global Democracy maintenance procedure?

It is here where i introduce 4 entities: young – voter – votee – wise …, where a votee is a public servant and a citizen who withdraws from being a voter, just because s/he choose to be a public servant available to serve the rest of the citizen.
I think we all as citizen, as people, are all of those entities at the same time or very narrow pulsing the one on the other as if pumping the 4 heartchambers by routine, breathing.

The meta-concept of the system i then hereby introduce is the slicing down of say 100 years human life into 13x7 phases. In the 7th phase each global member achieves the greatest budget to share on electional events … in the systemwise understanding that a human who got wiser (as the system rule for existence proves) will prefer to have as much budget as a votee: zero ( 0 ) points.

Surprised? Then I invite you to think of the idea that those who succeed in getting wiser will stop being a voter, but be a thinker and a performer of doing the participatory act the system implies.

Most questions that may arise can be pre-answered by the idea of creative human friction that must be kept alive, especially for those 2 groups we adopted in the meantime: 2 billion children and generations to come. And, you are invited to imagine the system at work in practise – you see with me the creative friction pulsing our hearts in togetherness?

neu ree bah

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Munck Resonant Fields explore timespace

click the image to read its eArthurion details ?
her clickworld consumes private time or pleasure study

Exchanges -- Interamerican Dialogue

Cuicuilco: Public Protection of Mexican Cultural Patrimony in an Archaeological Zone

Ana MarĂ­a Salazar Peralta


comments may inspire the boored designer ;-)> Ah Fa Me 9

Sunday, September 23, 2012

eARTlab publishing

some images that need some narrative ...
where the Queak weaves on from july 23, 2009 ignited from behind the Central Sun
by a Tahirih Medal from Walchensee

this is only a reply from Bolon Ik apprenti in the similar Mission
Having met VV & RQ in 2005 o'22 simply agrees on PAN thoughts
where noo adventures in human temples are popping right in this period

[ clicking the image might comfort readings ]

[[ this is only a pre-lude which exem pli phies what is happening ]]

Sunday, February 05, 2012

alan watts on the Tzolkin Map

"each teardrop pictures a rainbow from the heart & earth & limby tops"


fits this image?

Friday, September 23, 2011

vision statement United Community of SpiritS''

} statement is actualized according cycle IV LotD spectralizes His Form {

ref. CHC VII page 192 ("challenging self generation")

initial date september 26, 2011 the Netherlands
DreamSpell Kin016 Electric Warrior